Blueberry - Professional Volumizing Shampoo

At Petveda, we understand the value of trust that a pet parent puts in a groomer when they get their precious paw buddy to be groomed. They want and expect nothing but the safest and the best for their furry friends. That is why we at Petveda have specially formulated and developed our range of Professional Grooming Shampoos to provide a cost effective solution to a groomers looking for a Quality Product to complement the hard work and efforts they put into their grooming Job. Our Grooming Shampoos will provide the results a groomer is looking for - coat shine, deep clean, odor neutralizer & coat to smell good or coat volume - we offer a solution that will take care of all the needs. Our Shampoos contain no harsh chemical, are mild and yet made with ingredients that will work effectively to offer the results expected. pH balanced, Petveda Professional Grooming Shampoos contain virgin Coconut Oil and natural Aloe Vera extract, that provide extra conditioning, needed to give body to the coat. Aloe Vera also helps soothe the skin. We use sulfate free surfactants that are mild and not cause any irritation to the skin or the eyes, yet lather well and provide deep cleaning. ProVitamin B5 will provide deep penetrating nourishing moisture to the hair, adding volume to the coat. Biotin benefits the coat by correcting the damage caused due to pollution and other environmental factors associated with an active life a pet lives. Niacin is responsible for nourishing and re-hydrating the skin and help the hair follicles to produce stronger strands of hair. Veg. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer, making the coat stronger and reducing tangles, thus helping in easy combing for a soft silky coat.

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