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Established in 2014, Ayurvedic brand Petveda celebrates the bond people have with their pets by offering natural pet care grooming products.

Born out of pure love for animals, Petveda has come a long way in determining what’s good for your pet’s health – making a shift towards the usage of organic and Ayurvedic products that are free from harsh chemicals and sulfates.

In conversation with GlobalSpa, Petveda entrepreneurs Kamakshi & Dhruv Kumar let us in on what the startup is all about.

1.) How the idea of Petveda came up?

Petveda was designed with the consideration of the Pet’s well being in mind. We always wanted Petveda to be perceived as a brand that delivers good quality and honest products.

2.) Do your products target any specific animals?

Petveda was formulized keeping in mind Grooming & Wellness needs for all pets, irrespective of any specific breed.

3.) Initially, when you started Petveda what all challenges did you have to face?

When we started the brand, the challenge was to make people realize & accept the importance of Natural products for pets and also be accepted in the industry with the target price, as manufacturing and selling an honest natural product is not cheap. The other challenge we faced was the packaging available to us, which was very restrictive in comparison with what was available internationally, as Petveda was designed keeping the international market in mind. Today, we are proud to say that through our experiences, we have grown, learned, & overcome those challenges.

4.) What are the core beliefs of your organization?

Honesty in our product. No false claims, just honest good products. Petveda celebrates the positive impact and growing bond that we share with our pets by offering a range of pet care products based on various studies of properties of plants, herbs, and other natural ingredients, as laid out in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda.

We, at Petveda, believe in:

  • Working with reliable and responsible ingredient suppliers;
  • Manufacturing the most natural products using hygienic manufacturing facility and equipment;
  • Inspecting and testing ingredients to ensure that they are as per the approved quality standards, before using them to formulate;
  • Continuous monitoring during manufacturing to make sure proper quality standards are being maintained; Following packaging systems that are environmentally friendly, safe, and assure ease of use.

5.) What are the future plans of your organization and how do you plan to grow Petveda?

As Petveda was developed keeping the international standards & international market in mind we aim to expand into retail stores worldwide. On the domestic front, we would like to open Retail stores as well as grooming salons for Petveda exclusively in the future



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