Petveda Tartar Control Spray for Healthy Gums | Made with Natural Extract of Tomato, Grapeseed & Aloe Vera Juice | for Dogs & Cats | SLES & Paraben Free | 60 ML for Pets

  • 🐾 Regular usage of Fresh Tartar Control Spray helps to freshen breath while preventing tartar, plaque and bacteria. The spray also supports complete oral health.
  • 🌿 Petveda is an Ayurvedic resort for your four-legged furry friend. With Ayurveda inspired range of pet care products and 100% organic ingredients, our products are herbal and natural; free from paraben, sulfates (SLES/SLS), synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, alcohol and palm oil derivatives.
  • 🌿 The organic and natural ingredients fight the source of the issue and help in killing smelly bacteria before it can turn into painful and expensive dental decay.
  • 🐾 Give your pets the goodness of organic blend of ingredients to support and to boost their immune system from the inside out. Let them smile with healthier gums and Teeth.
  • 😄 The gentle yet effective formula is suitable for both dogs and cats irrespective of their breed and age. All our grooming products are made in an ISO & GMP certified manufacturing facility using Organic certified ingredients to ensure the goodness of nature and sustainable environment.

Plaque begins to form on the teeth every time your pet has a meal. Later this hardens by combining with salts that are present in the pet’s saliva and eventually transforms into tartar. Petveda tartar control formula uses natural extracts and ingredients to help break the tartar formed on the gum line and teeth and the healing power of Aloe Vera protects the teeth and gums by guarding against bacteria. Glycerin helps make teeth stronger and controls odor.

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