Pet Spa - Vitamin A & E Nourishing Conditioner 500ml

Shampoos with harsh chemicals can cause allergies, dry skin or a damaged coat that can lead to itching and irritation, making your pet truly uncomfortable. Our Petveda Ultra Moisturizing Hair Conditioner with Shea Butter rich in Vitamin A & E along with high content of fatty acids, help add moisture to the hair, giving the skin that extra nourishment to improve hair texture and leave the coat looking bright and feeling soft. The amino acids in Green Tea help strengthen the coat.



After shampoo, generously pour the Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner on the back of your pet and massage thoroughly, starting from the base and working to the end, to ensure it evenly spreads. 
Wait for a minute and then rinse well with fresh running water.
Some shampoos may contain harmful chemicals that might affect the pet’s coat. We recommend using all natural shampoo by PETVEDA for obtaining satisfactory results



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