Happiness - Colloidal Silver Anti-Dandruff & Itch Relief Hair Spray 250 ml

PETVEDA dandruff control spray is specially formulated using natural ingredients that are safe and effective. Being alcohol free, it will not dry out your pet’s skin. Natural Aloe Vera acts to soothe the skin and repair any dryness or damage caused by dandruff. Olive oil is a natural conditioner with many wonderful benefits. It helps promote longer thicker coat, protects against dandruff and repairs damage to the coat. Colloidal (Ionized) Silver with its multifunctional benefits, has been used for centuries to naturally remove & control dandruff. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties that fight bacteria and help eliminate pet odor. And because it gets quickly absorbed by the skin, it also helps the skin heal itself naturally without causing any long harsh side effects.  



Apply by spraying generously on the coat. Brush as you would normally do. Can be used as often as required.



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